Establishment of international trade Analysis and optimisation of foreign trade processes Running of foreign trade operations (complete or partial)
Are you planning to start purchasing to Hungary from abroad? Or would you like to start the export trade of products from your own production in Hungary? Let us help you with the start! Are you already trading internationally but you feel that the results are not satisfactory? We will analyse your current processes, information channels as well as compliance with regulations and will recommend improvements for optimisation and the elimination of reoccuring issues. We pay special attention to the harmonisation of work in the different departments taking part in foreign trade processes (e.g.: sales, marketing, accounts, supply chain, warehousing), as well as the content of current foregn trade contracts, current payment terms with suppliers / customers and logistics. Start outsourcing your foreign trade activities! Sky Trade Ltd will represent your company internationally to the highest of standards in setting up your contracts with new international business partners through everyday administration tasks (communication with international suppliers / customers, interaction with customs agents and logistics companies, etc..) to taking part in international projects.

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